Year In Review: Our Ten Most Popular Articles in 2015

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As 2015 draws to a close, here’s a look back at our ten most popular posts of the year.

1. The Big List of Christian Podcasts

Big List of Christian Podcasts

This is our big list of the best Christian podcasts that regularly provide content that is entertaining, Biblical, and edifying. Some are radio programs, some are online-only content, and others are regularly released archival selections. See the list.

2. Reformed Theology Memory Verses

Reformed Theology Memory Verses

Those who adhere to Reformed Theology are familiar with the Doctrines of Grace and the 5 Solas. Here are some of the Bible verses in support of these doctrines that you can and should memorize.

3. The Importance of Studying Doctrine

Importance of Studying Doctrine

When people repeat sayings like “Christianity is a life, not a doctrine,” they are either buying into a cultural distaste for claims to absolute truth or pushing back on what they see as a dry, academic approach to the Bible.

4. The Five Points of Calvinism – Defining the Doctrines of Grace

Five Points of Calvinism

You have likely come across the acrostic T.U.L.I.P. as a memory aid for the five points of Calvinism. This post provides a brief description of the doctrines represented by each letter.

5. Three Reasons For You To Study Church History

Three Reasons You Should Study Church History

Every Christian should seek to better understand church history. Here are three important reasons why we should not ignore a study of history and tradition (Guest Author).

6. C.H. Spurgeon on Unconditional Election

CH Spurgeon on Unconditional Election

This was the third article in a series titled “C.H. Spurgeon on the Doctrines of Grace,” which discusses Spurgeon’s views on Calvinism as seen in his preaching and writing. Spurgeon unabashedly preached on the reality of election and the sovereignty of God in saving sinners; here are his words on the subject.

7. Why I Am Not An Atheist – Ravi Zacharias

Ravi Zacharias

Proponents of atheism have a more prominent voice than perhaps they would have in years past. Is there any validity to their logic? How can Christians answer the critiques?

Ravi Zacharias explains why he is not an atheist to an audience at Princeton University in this video.

8. The Rest of the Story: The Life of Louis Zamperini After ‘Unbroken’

Louis Zamperini

The movie Unbroken does an excellent job chronicling the trials that Louis Zamperini experienced as a downed airman adrift at sea. It vividly depicts his time in a hellish POW camp. It is an inspiring tale of how with courage and determination he persevered through it all.

But the story doesn’t end there. Read the rest of the story.

9. Jesus Christ: Our Great High Priest

Jesus Christ: Our Great High Priest

Understanding the significance of Jesus Christ’s role as our Great High Priest will allow you to better understand Scripture, salvation, and your Savior. This post began as a sermon I preached on Hebrews 4:14-5:10.

10. Spiritual Pathfinders – Lights in the Midst of Darkness

Spiritual Pathfinders

The role of the pathfinder began in WW2 to help airborne soldiers land in the correct locations. In the midst of darkness and danger, airborne pathfinders light the way for the paratroopers behind them. Read how the Christian life is to be such a light.

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