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If you struggle with…

  • Not being familiar with theological terms
  • Not having a deep knowledge of Scripture
  • Not understanding key doctrines of the faith

Then Reasonable Theology is for you!

Reasonable Theology exists to help you better understand, articulate, and live out the Christian faith.

Here’s some of what you’ll find:


These videos are designed to bring you helpful content in a quick, interesting format

How Many Herods are in the New Testament?

How Many Herods are in the New Testament

When Was the Book of Acts Written?

When Was the Acts Written (and why does it matter)?

Stephen Charnock and the Existence and Attributes of God

The Life and Legacy of Stephen Charnock


Learn from pastors, authors, theologians, and other interesting guests

J Warner Wallace Interview

J Warner Wallace

America's Christian Founding

On Biblical Masculinity

Jesus Calms the Storm Sermon Matthew 8

Sermon: Jesus Calms the Storm


From deep dives to quick overviews, there lots of helpful articles to read

Reading the Puritans

Reading the Puritans

The Five Points of Calvinism

The Five Points of Calvinism

Big List of Christian Podcasts

Big List of Christian Podcasts

Everyone’s a Theologian

As RC Sproul has said, any time we think about a teaching of the Bible and strive to understand it, we are engaging in theology.

So the question is not whether you will be a theologian or not, but whether you will be a good one or a bad one.

Reasonable Theology was created to help people like you become better theologians through clear and concise articles, videos, and other resources.