About Reasonable Theology

Reasonable Theology is a resource run by me, Clayton Kraby,
to help everyday Christians study theology every day.

It’s all about presenting sound doctrine in plain language.

Why is it called Reasonable Theology?

It’s “reasonable” because the content on this site is given in an orderly, easy-to-understand way. The goal is to provide Biblically sound theology in an accessible format.

Unfortunately, many Christians spend very little time in studying doctrine and theology. This is often due to a perception that studying theology is complicated, dull, and often presented in a way that is inaccessible for the “ordinary” believer.

In reality, we are all theologians because we all have some understanding of God. What we need is to be diligent in developing a correct understanding of Him, and that’s why ReasonableTheology.org exists.

My goal is to explain theological issues as clearly and reasonably as possible in order to help every believer understand the important truths of the Christian faith and consider how they apply to everyday life.

So if you want to think more deeply about theological topics without slogging through a bunch of seminary jargon, you’ll like what you find here.

What theological view is expressed here?

I am a Reformed Baptist, and the content on this website reflects a firm belief in the sovereignty of God, the sufficiency of Scripture, and the Doctrines of Grace.

In terms of doctrinal positions, I align with the 1689 London Baptist Confession.

If you visit the blog regularly, you’ll also notice that I’m a big fan of C.H. Spurgeon.

Who Writes These Articles?

Hi there! My name is Clay Kraby and I live with my family in Grand Forks, North Dakota. I began this website back in 2012 as an extension of my personal ministry, an opportunity to continue to use my marketing background, and provide others with helpful resources.

I received my M.Div from Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando Florida and am dedicated to helping others understand important theological concepts and apply Biblical truth to everyday life.

I appreciate you checking out the site and wanting to learn more about it.

Miscellaneous Boring Stuff

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