Why Ads?

Ads? But I thought you loved Jesus!

As you have noticed, there is some advertising on the Reasonable Theology website. A handful of recommended resources use what are called ‘affiliate links.’ This simply means that using that link to make a purchase will allow us to receive a small percentage of that sale (Example for ChristianBook.com). Also, we are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.

Don’t worry – the only books and resources that will ever be recommended on the site are ones that are genuinely thought to be valuable, Biblical, and worth your time.

There are also text ads through Google AdSense. The content of these ads are sometimes based on your personal internet activity, sometimes Google tries to place relevant ads based on what the article is about, and sometimes they are a bit random.

If you ever see an ad on our site that you feel is inappropriate, please contact us.

But Why Advertise At All?

While the purpose of this site is not to make money, it does cost money to maintain. Website hosting, domain registration, and a lot of personal time all contribute to the costs of running a growing website. Having ads and affiliate links allows us to offset some of those costs.

Is it Bad to Have Ads on a Christian Website?

Some people seem to be uncomfortable with the idea of “monetizing” a website – particularly one that is ministry related. However, we feel that there is nothing inherently wrong with advertising revenue, provided that it is done in a way that upholds our Christian values. This means that all ads are appropriate, honest, and does not detract from the Gospel-centered content we share.

Again, this site is not a scheme to get rich. To be honest, the ads really haven’t ever brought in more than a few bucks. Instead, they are a means to someday help offset some of the costs associated with keeping the site up and running.

Interested in advertising on ReasonableTheology.org? Contact us.

If you found this interesting, you’ll also like our Privacy Policy (that’s pretty boring, too).

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