Becoming a Relentless Encourager | Ep. 25

We all love to be encouraged, and yet many of us fail to make regularly encouraging others a priority. If we were to grow in this area, we could have a tremendous impact in our families, communities, and churches.

Would you like to become a more encouraging person?

Listen as Pastor Mark Hallock discusses the importance of encouraging others and learn some practical steps we can take to become relentless encouragers.

Mark is the co-author of The Relentless Encourager: Bringing Life to Others Through What We Say, and this episode is sure to inspire you to be more intentional about being an encouragement to others.

On This Episode We’ll Discuss:

  • Why we need encouragers more than ever in our world
  • What Scripture has to say about how we bless others with our words
  • Common reasons we fail to regularly encourage others
  • Ways we can misuse our words in discouraging and sinful ways
  • Specific ways that we can be an encouragement to someone else
  • How to receive encouragement and compliments well
  • Practical tips for growing as an encourager

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Pastor Mark HallockAbout Our Guest

Mark Hallock serves as the Lead Pastor of Calvary Church in Englewood, Colorado. He also serves as President of the Calvary Family of Churches, a family of churches committed to planting and replanting churches for the glory of God. He and his wife Jenna have two kids.

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