The Benefits of Listening to Really Old Sermons | Ep. 17

You are probably familiar with the writings of men like Luther, Spurgeon, Edwards, and other. But what about their sermons?

In many cases, these figures of church history were first and foremost pastors preaching to their congregations. We can learn more about these men, about God, and about ourselves from these sermons.

On this episode we’ll speak with Troy Frasier, who has a podcast making it possible to listen to and uniquely benefit from sermons delivered long before the digital age.

On This Episode We’ll Learn:

  • How the Revived Thoughts podcast got started
  • Why hearing an old sermon is different (and better) than reading one
  • How historical context deepens our appreciation for old sermons
  • What past preachers can teach us better than contemporary ones

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About Our Guest

Troy Frasier, together with his friend Joel, have created a website and podcast called Revived Thoughts, which helps you discover history’s greatest sermons by providing audio for the messages of past preachers. The goal is to aid believers in their spiritual growth, connect them to the richness of historical Christianity, and combat the shallowness that is so readily available in the online world.

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