Don’t Waste Your Life – Sermon & Book

Watch as John Piper presents a passionate plea for believers to not waste their lives, but to instead lead lives that make an impact for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Do not assume you won’t be sucked in because every stage of your life in this Disney Land called America there are powerful forces angling to get you to waste your lives. It will take a massive work of grace to rescue you from the clutches of this culture. And many of you are totally asleep.
John Piper

Although the video quality is not great, I encourage you to listen closely to this classic sermon from John Piper. He presents the dangers of spiritual stagnation and the Scriptural means of ensuring our lives are not wasted.

A highly recommended book of the same title is available for free from (PDF format). You can also pick up an eBook or print edition of Don’t Waste Your Life.

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