Everyday Theology for the Everyday Christian

Theology is not to be reserved for ‘professional’ theologians.

The goal of this article series is to make the study of theology less intimidating for the average believer by explaining relevant topics in concise, reasonable terms. The first thing that the everyday Christian needs to realize is that, like it or not, they are already engaging in theological studies. Any time we seek to learn more about God, His attributes, and His interaction with man we are in the realm of theology, which is simply the study of God.

Jonathan Edwards, Theologian
Every Christian Should Study Theology
(robe and wig not required)

Admittedly there are many complex theological issues that are, and will remain, daunting. Encountering a scholarly debate on the merits of infralapsarianism, supralapsarianism, and sublapsarianism is sure to make any believer’s eyes widen (and possibly glaze over). However, just because the study of God can entail wrestling with and reconciling very complex ideas does not mean that the ‘average’ believer should avoid a conscious and consistent pursuit of deepening their theological understanding.

In the coming weeks several topics will be explored, starting with What Exactly Is Theology? and How to Start Studying Theology. We recommend that you bookmark this page and sign up for our emails to get each article as it is released.

Articles in this series:

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