Examining the Atonement with William Lane Craig | Ep. 33

Jesus Christ’s death on the cross provided for the forgiveness of our sins and our reconciliation with God. This reconciliation is known as atonement, and it is a central part of the Christian faith.

Even so, how Christ’s death on the cross accomplished this has been debated for centuries. On this episode of the podcast, we are joined by William Lane Craig, world-renowned theologian, apologist, and philosopher to discuss his latest book Atonement and the Death of Christ.

Dr. Craig walks us through the history of the debate around the atonement and provides us with a framework for thinking through this important doctrine biblically.

On this episode we discuss:

  • The meaning of the word atonement
  • The Biblical texts in the Old and New Testaments that teach about atonement
  • A number of theories on how Christ’s death reconciled us to God
  • Which theories fit with Scripture and which ones don’t hold up
  • The importance of penal substitutionary atonement
  • What imputation is and why it is important for understanding how our sins are forgiven in Christ
  • How having a full, multi-faceted understanding of the atonement positively impacts the believer

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William Lane CraigAbout Our Guest

Dr. William Lane Craig is a world-renowned theologian, philosopher, and apologist He is a research professor of philosophy at Talbot School of Theology, and the author of more than 40 books. His latest book is titled Atonement and the Death of Christ: An Exegetical, Historical, and Philosophical Exploration. You can learn more about his work and ministry at ReasonableFaith.org.

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