Exploring the Five Masculine Instincts with Chase Replogle | Ep. 70

How your own instincts can be matured into something better

All men are hardwired with certain instincts that can either be a help or a hindrance to them as they seek to become the men God has designed them to be.

Our guest on this episode is Chase Replogle, pastor of Bent Oak Church in Springfield, MO and the host of the Pastor Writer Podcast. We’re discussing his new book The Five Masculine Instincts: A Guide to Becoming a Better Man.

We’ll discuss what each of these five instincts are and how better understanding them can help us develop our character as Christian men.

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Meet Our Guest

Chase Replogle is the pastor of Bent Oak Church in Springfield, Missouri. Chase is the author of The 5 Masculine Instincts. His work draws from history, psychology, literature, and a rich narrative approach to Scripture to help readers think more deeply about faith and life.

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The Five Masculine Instincts Book

The 5 Masculine Instincts

Through this book you’ll discover your own instincts are neither curse nor virtue. They are the experiences by which you develop a new and better instinct—an instinct of faith. By exploring sarcasm, adventure, ambition, reputation, and apathy, The 5 Masculine Instincts shows you how to better understand yourself and how your own instincts can be matured into something better.

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