Help Your Kids Learn and Love the Bible | Ep. 88

Practical tips for family worship and engaging your kids with Scripture

The responsibility of imparting biblical wisdom to our kids is both a privilege and a challenge. How can we help our children not only learn about the Bible but grow to love it?

Danica Cooley, an award-winning children’s author and Bible curriculum developer, joins us on the Reasonable Theology Podcast to share her insights on this crucial topic. With years of experience and a passion for raising biblically literate children, Danica provides practical advice for parents feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of discipling their children.

Drawing from her book, Help Your Kids Learn and Love the Bible, and her own family’s journey, Danica emphasizes the significance of making God’s Word a central part of our daily lives.

We’ll explore:

  • How to start family worship even if it wasn’t part of your own upbringing
  • Strategies for moving from sporadic Bible reading to consistent family devotion
  • Techniques for engaging children of various ages in meaningful conversations
  • Creative ideas for helping younger kids engage in Bible study
  • Effective Bible memorization methods tailored to different learning styles

Discover the simplicity behind teaching scripture at home, overcoming the common fears and obstacles many Christian parents face in helping their kids read, memorize, and understand Scripture.

Whether you’re just contemplating how to introduce scripture to your little ones or seeking to deepen existing family worship practices, you are sure to gain some practical tips and helpful encouragement.

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Meet Our Guest

Danika Cooley is an award-winning children’s author and Bible curriculum developer. Weekly, she encourages tens of thousands of parents to intentionally raise biblically literate children at Her Bible curriculum, Bible Road Trip, is used across the globe.

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Additional Resources

Help Your Kids Learn & Love the Bible

This book will give you the tools and confidence to study the Bible as a family. It will help you identify and overcome your objections and fears, give you a crash course in what the Bible is all about and how to teach it, and provide the tools and techniques to set up a family Bible-study habit.

You will finish this book feeling encouraged and empowered to initiate and strengthen your child’s relationship with the Lord through his Word.

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Clay Kraby: Danica, thanks for joining me on the Reasonable Theology podcast.

You’ve written a number of books, and the one we want to focus on is “Help Your Kids Learn And Love The Bible.” How did this book come about?

Danika Cooley: So, when I wrote “Help your Kids Learn and Love the Bible,” I had already written Bible Road Trip, which is a three year Bible survey curriculum for preschool to high school, I’d taken my kids through the Bible four times, and I just felt like, after talking to people across the globe, I get a lot of emails and then discipling my own kids, I had some stuff that I wanted to share with parents.

And so I wanted this book to be like I was sitting down with moms over a cup of coffee. Just sharing, like, this is the most important thing you can do for your kids. Here’s some easy ways to do it. Here’s some ways to think about discipling your kids.

Clay Kraby: So it’s really born out of your own experience actually doing this thing several times over with your own kids in your own home. Right?

Danika Cooley: Yes, exactly.

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