How Christianity Has Shaped America for Good | Ep. 72

Learn how Christianity has advanced liberty and equality for all Americans

In a world where Christianity is often portrayed by critics as a force for oppression and intolerance, my guest Mark David Hall offers a different perspective.

In this episode we’ll discuss his new book, Proclaim Liberty Throughout All the Land: How Christianity Has Advanced Freedom and Equality for All Americans, which details how Christianity has played a significant role in advancing liberty and equality throughout the history of the United States.

We Talk About:

  • How critical views such as those of the 1619 Project portray Christianity
  • Ways in which the Puritans helped set the stage for representational government
  • The role of Christians during the Revolutionary War era
  • How Scripture was misused in our history to support the evils of slavery
  • The impact of Christians on the abolitionist movement to end slavery
  • How followers of Christ should view their role in the public square today

Watch as we discuss Christianity’s important contributions to the founding and growth of the American Experiment with the author of Proclaim Liberty Throughout All the Land.

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Meet Our Guest

Mark David Hall is a nationally recognized expert on religious freedom and has written, edited, or co-edited a dozen books on religion and politics in America including Did America Have a Christian Founding?: Separating Modern Myth from Historical Truth which we talked about on a previous episode.

Additional Resources

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Proclaim Liberty Throughout All the Land

Proclaim Liberty Throughout All the Land demonstrates that Christianity is responsible for advancing liberty and equality for all citizens. Throughout American history, Christians have been motivated by their faith to create fair and just institutions, fight for political freedom, oppose slavery, and secure religious liberty for all.

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