How Long It Takes to Read Each Book in the New Testament (Infographic)

In an article posted at Desiring God, Andy Naselli provided three tips for better Bible reading. In the article, he encourages people to read entire books of the Bible in one sitting.

Anticipating objections to this idea, he writes:

I understand the objection: “There’s no way I could possibly find time to do this.” But aren’t there other activities you do in life for prolonged periods of time? Do you read other books for a few hours at a time? Do you ever spend an hour watching a TV show or two hours watching a movie or three hours watching a football game? Why not prioritize lengthy, undistracted time in the life-giving word?

Reading an entire book of the Bible in one sitting is not as unrealistic as it may sound at first. Take a look at the below chart of about how long it would take to read each of the books in the New Testament (and here’s the Old Testament infographic).

How Long it Takes to Read Each Book in the New Testament

View the how long it would take to read each book in the Old Testament 

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  1. Would be great if you gave a total number at the end. According to your graphic, NT is about 20 hours, OT about 60.

    1. Hi William – Yes, there is in fact a way to purchase this as a poster. You can purchase it here in a variety of sizes and paper types:

      Hope it works well for your Sunday School room!

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