How to Read a Book — Advice for Christian Readers | Ep 91

What does it mean to be well-read and how can we read well?

What does it mean to be well-read? How can we choose which books are worth our time and which ones aren’t? Is it okay to give up on a book we’re not enjoying? Do audiobooks ‘count’ as reading?

On this episode of the podcast we’re tackling all of these questions and a lot more. Our guest is Andy Naselli, professor at Bethlehem College and Seminary and author of How to Read a Book: Advice for Christian Readers.

We’ll talk about the importance of reading in the Christian life, how we can overcome some bad reading habits, different ‘layers’ of reading, how to instill a love of books in our kids, and a lot more.

As always, I’ve taken the notes for you at, where you can find additional information and links to the resources we talk about. So let’s kick things off with Andy Naselli as we discuss How to Read a Book.

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Meet Our Guest

Andy Naselli is a professor of systematic theology and New Testament at Bethlehem College and seminary in Minneapolis and one of the pastors of The North Church in Mounds View, Minnesota. He’s also an avid reader, an author, and has additional resources available at

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Additional Resources

How to Read a Book: Advice for Christian Readers

In a world where we are constantly bombarded with digital content, the art of reading seems to be slowly fading into the background. In this book, Andy Naselli encourages us to be more intentional in what books we read and how we read them. Whether you’ve fallen out of the habit of reading or if you’re already an avid reader, you’re sure to come away with helpful tips to improve your relationship with the written word.

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Clay Kraby: Doctor Naselli, thanks so much for joining me on the podcast.

Andy Naselli: My pleasure.

Clay Kraby: Now, to start things off, could you share a little bit about what your teaching ministry looks like?

Andy Naselli: Yeah. For the last eleven years, I have taught at Bethlehem College and Seminary in Minneapolis, Minnesota. That’s a school where John Piper is chancellor, and I am a professor of systematic theology and New Testament. I also get to teach ethics. I love it.

Clay Kraby: Wonderful. Minneapolis, not far from my neck of the woods here in Grand Forks. In the wintertime, we go to Minneapolis to get warm.

Andy Naselli: That’s not the right place to go.

Clay Kraby: You’ve got this new book out called How to Read a Book. So, you have a book about reading books. It’s a little bit like bookception. Can you tell me why you decided to write this?

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