Jonathan Edwards: His Life and Writings | Ep. 18

Jonathan Edwards is regarded by many as the greatest mind America has ever produced and he is held up as an excellent example of a pastor-theologian. Even so, many people’s familiarity with Edwards does not extend beyond his famous sermon “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.”

On this episode, we speak with Dr. Jeremy Kimble about the life and writings of Jonathan Edwards and discuss what Christians can still learn from him today.

On This Episode We’ll Discuss:

  • A biographical sketch of Edwards’ life and ministry
  • Why you need to read more than “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”
  • Edwards’ key role in the First Great Awakening
  • What Edwards was like as a pastor
  • An overview of many of his major written works and where you should start
  • What Jonathan Edwards’ lasting legacy has been

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Dr Jeremy KimbleAbout Our Guest

Jeremy Kimble is Assistant Professor of Theological Studies at Cedarville University. Dr. Kimble’s research interests include ecclesiology, eschatology, biblical theology, hermeneutics and homiletics, biblical worldview, and the theology of Jonathan Edwards. Together with Nathan Finn he is the editor of a book titled A Reader’s Guide to the Major Writings of Jonathan Edwards.

Resources Mentioned on This Episode

Edwards Sermons to Read First

Edwards Writings Discussed

Biographical and Historical Information


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