Overcoming Road Blocks to Joy in Prayer | Ep. 12

All believers experience roadblocks in their prayer life at one time or another, and many Christians find growing in the area of prayer to be one of their greatest challenges.

On this episode, our guest Kevin Halloran discusses common roadblocks we face and provides us with five practical on-ramps to a joy-filled prayer life.

As Kevin says, “A more joyful prayer life may be closer than you realize, even if you have no idea how to get there. God wants us to enjoy Him in prayer, and sometimes all it takes is a small on-ramp of truth to take us to the highway of joyful prayer and deeper communion with God.”

In This Episode We’ll Learn:

  • Common roadblocks that keep us from enjoying our prayer lives
  • How overthinking, guilt, stress, and improper motives can hinder our desire to pray
  • The value of community in developing the discipline of prayer
  • Five on-ramps for getting your prayer life back on the right track
  • Practical steps we can take to improve our joy in prayer

Kevin HalloranAbout Our Guest

Kevin Halloran is a graduate of Taylor University (BA) and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (MDiv) and now serves with Leadership Resources International in the US and Latin America. LRI focuses on strengthening the worldwide church through training pastors in biblical exposition. He and his wife just welcomed their first child.

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