The Life & Legacy of Susannah Spurgeon | Podcast #4

Charles Spurgeon’s wife Susannah lived a remarkable life of love for her Lord, her church, and her husband. She wrote several books, helped publish Spurgeon’s autobiography after his death, and edited The Sword and the Trowel magazine for a time. She raised two twin boys who both went on to serve the Lord, began a book fund for poor pastors, and supported Charles throughout his ministry.

Her example of selfless service – even in the midst of illness and sorrow – is a tremendous example of a life lived to the glory of God. Despite all of this, Susannah’s story is relatively unknown. Thankfully, there is a new biography out on her life and the author is here to tell us more about Susie Spurgeon.

Listen as Ray Rhodes Jr. talks about Susannah’s life with Charles, her vital contributions to his impressive ministry, and how she served the Lord greatly in spite of serious health issues.

Ray Rhodes Jr

About Our Guest, Ray Rhodes Jr.

Rhodes is the author of a new biography titled Susie: The Life and Legacy of Susannah Spurgeon

He is the founding pastor of Grace Community Church of Dawsonville, GA and as president of Nourished in the Word Ministries

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Show Highlights

  • How Susannah and Charles met, why she wasn’t impressed, and how they fell in love
  • Why Charles would likely not have become nearly as effective in ministry without Susannah
  • The joys and challenges of being married to the Prince of Preachers
  • How Susannah began a ministry that eventually gave more than 200,000 books to poor pastors
  • What today’s Christians can learn by looking at the life of Susannah Spurgeon
  • How Susannah persevered through a life of intense illness and physical suffering
  • A look at Susannah’s lasting legacy

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