Sharing the Good News with Mormons | Ep. 5

On this episode of the Reasonable Theology podcast we are joined by Eric Johnson of Mormonism Research Ministry to talk about how we can effectively witness to those in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Together with Sean McDowell, Eric has recently released a book titled Sharing the Good News with Mormons (see our review here) and in it they provide a variety of tactics and strategies to engage Mormons in Gospel conversations.

Listen in as Eric explains the differences between Mormon beliefs and Biblical Christianity, suggests a response for when Mormon missionaries come to the door, and provides thoughtful questions we can ask our Mormon friends and neighbors to point them to the truth of the Gospel.

Guest Eric JohnsonAbout Our Guest, Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson works with Mormonism Research Ministry and has written and coauthored several books, including Answering Mormons’ Questions and Mormonism 101. He served as an associate editor for the Apologetics Study Bible for Students (B&H, 2010) and is a regular contributor to the Christian Research Journal. Eric is married to Terri; together they have three daughters: Carissa, Janelle, and Hannah and reside in the Salt Lake City area.

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Show Highlights

  • Learn how Mormon beliefs differ from biblical Christianity
  • Advice for when Mormon missionaries knock on the door
  • Why many who leave the Mormon church become atheists
  • Helpful questions to get a gospel-focused conversation started
  • What about recent news about the LDS church no longer wanting to go by “Mormon”?

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