Watching Netflix with the Puritans | Ep. 6

Just because the Puritans didn’t have Netflix doesn’t mean they can’t help us be more discerning when it comes to the type of shows and movies we watch.

On this episode of the Reasonable Theology podcast, your usual host Clay Kraby is actually the guest on another program — “His People” hosted by Bill Feltner. Listen Bill and Clay talk about a previous blog post on Reasonable Theology titled “Watching Netflix to the Glory of God: A Puritan’s Advice.”

In this episode you’ll learn how Puritan Richard Baxter’s advice for choosing what to read can help guide our decisions on what to watch on Netflix, TV, and other sources of entertainment.

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Show Highlights

  • A brief overview of who the Puritans were and how they can help us
  • Why “Puritan” shouldn’t be considered synonymous with “stick-in-the-mud”
  • The questions Richard Baxter asked when choosing what to read
  • How we can ask similar questions when choosing what we watch
  • Why discernment is important when it comes to entertainment
  • The pitfalls of failing to think critically about our entertainment choices

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