Studying the Beatitudes (with a Little Help from the Greek)

Dive deeper into the Sermon on the Mount by examining the original Greek

The Sermon on the Mount is perhaps the most famous of all of Jesus’ teachings, and the beatitudes in particular have come to be some of the best-known and best-loved verses in the whole of the New Testament.

Christians have much to gain from a deep study of these passages, and our guest today is going to give us some insight into how our study of these verses (and all the New Testament) can benefit from a knowledge of Greek.

Ryan Martin is the man behind Kairos Classroom, which provides online, live instruction in biblical Greek and Hebrew. (We spoke previously back on episode 53 of the podcast).

On this episode we examine the language of the beatitudes and gain greater insight into Jesus’ teaching by understanding more about His words in the original Greek. We’ll talk about what it means to be “blessed” – how we are to rightly understand biblical meekness, and how we can avoid common mistakes when using language tools like dictionaries when studying Scripture.

At the end, we’ll discuss how you can better equip yourself to dive deeper into your study of Scripture.

This episode will inspire you to see the Scriptures through a new lens and perhaps even embark on the rewarding journey of learning Greek or Hebrew yourself.

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Meet Our Guest

Ryan Martin

Dr. Matthew Stanton is the co-editor of The Works of Benjamin Keach, which will be a 16-volume set from Particular Baptist Heritage Books. Dr. Stanton also runs the Benjamin Keach Journal, a website dedicated to curating and sharing information about the life and ministry of Keach.

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Learn Greek with Kairos Classroom

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Clay Kraby: Ryan, welcome back to the Reasonable Theology podcast.

Ryan Martin: It’s good to be here. Thanks for having me.

Clay Kraby: Absolutely. Now, to begin, for someone that maybe didn’t catch our previous conversation, could you just share a little bit about yourself and, your role with Kairos classroom?

Ryan Martin: I’m Ryan. I live in Birmingham, Alabama. I’m married, got two kids. I’m a PhD student, doing work in Mark’s gospel at Beeson Divinity School. And, yeah, my day job is teaching Greek at Kairos classroom. We teach Greek and Hebrew to all sorts of different folks that for one reason or another, want to learn to read the Bible in the original languages. So, I’m the founding teacher there, the lead Greek instructor, run the business and teach a lot of Greek.

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