The Holiness of God – A Video Series from R.C. Sproul

This is the first video in R.C. Sproul’s 6-part series on the holiness of God. This teaching series is incredibly helpful in developing your sense of awe and reverence for our Creator.

Here’s the full description from Ligonier Ministries:

The Holiness of God examines the meaning of holiness and why people are both fascinated and terrified by a holy God. This series closely explores God’s character, leading to new insights on sin, justice, and grace. The result is a new awareness of our dependence upon God’s mercy and a discovery of the awesomeness of His majestic holiness. Dr. R.C. Sproul says, “The holiness of God affects every aspect of our lives — economics, politics, athletics, romance — everything with which we are involved.”

The full series can be viewed online for free on Ligonier’s YouTube playlist, “The Holiness of God.”

The entire playlist is embedded below, starting with the second video: The Trauma of Holiness.

  1. I’ve read his book, ‘The Holiness of God’. It is a treasure and I believe everyone in Christendom should read – and re-read – and study this book

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