The Life & Ministry of Benjamin Keach | Ep. 85

Learn about Benjamin Keach, an important yet lesser-known figure of church history

Benjamin Keach was a pivotal figure in 17th-century Baptist history. Known for his influential writings and his role in introducing hymn singing in Baptist congregations, Keach’s contributions have left an indelible mark on religious thought and practice.

His journey from a persecuted dissenter to a respected preacher and author paints a vivid picture of the religious and political turbulence of his time.
And yet, Keach is not as well known as some other figures of church history.
On this episode, I have a conversation with Dr. Matthew Stanton, a Keach scholar and co-editor of The Works of Benjamin Keach from Particular Baptist Heritage Books

Dr. Stanton will help us delve deeper into Keach’s world, revealing how Keach’s ministry impacted not only his own time but ours as well.
Join us as discuss this tumultuous time in England’s history, how Keach’s children’s book landed him in the stockade, how he pioneered the introduction of hymns to the worship service, what he was like as a family man and pastor, and much more.

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Meet Our Guest

Dr. Matthew Stanton is the co-editor of The Works of Benjamin Keach, which will be a 16-volume set from Particular Baptist Heritage Books. Dr. Stanton also runs the Benjamin Keach Journal, a website dedicated to curating and sharing information about the life and ministry of Keach.

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Order Volume 1 of The Works of Benjamin Keach

This republication of the complete works of Benjamin Keach is underway from Particular Baptist Heritage Books. This is volume 1 of what will eventually be a 16-volume set.

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Clay Kraby: Dr. Stanton, thanks so much for joining me for the reasonable Theology podcast.

Matthew Stanton: Thanks so much for having me. I really appreciate this time.

Clay Kraby: Well, wonderful. Well, you’re the co-editor of a new volume of works on Benjamin Keach, from Particular Baptist Heritage Books. This is volume one of 16, so obviously this is a very large project, and we’re going to spend our conversation here talking about who Benjamin Keach was. So who was Benjamin Keach, and why should we be interested in studying his life and ministry?

Matthew Stanton: Oh, okay. Well, let’s just jump right in. I always like to give a quick bio, quick snapshot of Keech’s life for your listeners. Keech really was, if Watts, Isaac Watts, who I’m sure everyone is familiar with, if he’s the father of English hymnody, as he’s been called, then Keach is surely the grandfather, surely the one that got that ball rolling.

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