The Role of the King James Bible in the Modern Church | Ep. 37

Although online discussions about the King James Bible’s place in the 21st century can often become heated, there is an important conversation to be had about how language changes and the role of modern translations.

In his book Authorized: The Use & Misuse of the King James Bible, author Mark Ward builds a case for the KJV translators’ view that English Bible translations should be readable by what they called “the very vulgar”―and what we would call “the man on the street.”

Listen as Mark Ward discusses why we should make good use of modern Bible translations without losing an appreciation for the good old King James.

This was a fun and refreshing conversation about an often controversial topic, and I hope that you’ll enjoy it as well!

On this episode we discuss:

  • The benefits of continuing to use the King James Bible
  • Several challenges of using only the King James Bible
  • The issues posed by dead words and “false friends” when reading the KJV
  • Why modern translations are valuable and helpful
  • Why none of us should be “one-translation-only.”
  • Misconceptions about Bible translation that fuel unnecessary controversy
  • Suggestions for choosing which translation of Scripture is best for you

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Mark WardAbout Our Guest

Dr. Mark Ward serves as the Editor-in-Chief of Faithlife’s Bible Study Magazine. He is also the author of its back page column, Word Nerd: Language and the Bible. He blogs at and is also the author of Authorized: The Use and Misuse of the King James Bible.

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