Top 5 Articles in 2014

Here are the 5 most read articles on the ReasonableTheology blog from 2014. Take a look and check out any that you may have missed!

5. Free Seminary Courses

Free Seminary Courses

Do you have a desire to further your spiritual education but are simply unable to attend seminary? These free seminary courses are a great option!

4. Was Christ a Copycat?

Was Christ a Copycat

It is often claimed that Jesus is a myth copied from pagan gods who were born of a virgin, died, and resurrected. Here’s why this claim does not hold up.

3. How to Start Studying Theology

How To Start Studying Theology

How does one start studying theology? Here are a few thoughts on being more intentional with your study of God, His attributes, and His kingdom. Guest post from Alex Early.

2. The Reliability of the Bible: 4 Quick Thoughts

The Reliability of the Bible

It is difficult to recall all of the evidence for the reliability of the Bible in a conversation. Try focusing on these four areas for defending Scripture.

1. 16 Must-Have Christian Apps

16 Christian Apps

Turn your tablet into a seminary with 16 of the best Bible, theology, sermon, and apologetics apps for Christians to add to their tablets and smartphones.

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