Why Christians Still Need the Old Testament | Ep. 2

What role does the Old Testament play in the life of the Christian?

On this episode of the Reasonable Theology podcast we are joined by Dr. Greg Lanier, Assistant Professor of New Testament and Dean of Students at the Orlando campus of Reformed Theological Seminary.

Listen as Dr. Lanier discusses why it is vital for believers to have a firm grasp of the Old Testament in order to properly understand the New Testament.

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Show Highlights

  • Why it’s unhelpful to ‘unhitch’ the Old Testament from Christianity
  • Learn why having an understanding of the Old Testament is vital for understanding the New Testament
  • Ways the New Testament assumes the reader has an intimate knowledge of the Old Testament
  • Why even ‘difficult’ books like Numbers and Leviticus are important for the Christian

Dr. Lanier’s Redemptive-Historical Reading Plan

In this episode, Dr. Lanier discusses the Bible reading plan he created in order to help readers get a broad overview of God’s redemptive plan. By pairing together major aspects of redemptive history in the Old Testament with their New Testament counterparts, Lanier’s plan lets you take in the story of salvation from creation to the return of Christ.

Note: This reading plan is not intended to read through every chapter of Scripture in the given time frame. Of course Lanier beleives you should read all of the Bible, but as he notes on his website, “there is wisdom in getting a big picture or the “skeleton” firmly in mind, so that you can navigate all the pages of Scripture wisely.”

Download the Redemptive-Historical Bible Reading Plan

Download the Redemptive-Historical Bible Reading Plan

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