Free Seminary Courses

Do you want to further your spiritual education but are unable to attend seminary? Check out these free online options.

While you may not be earning credit towards a Masters degree, you will find these audio courses to be a wonderful resource for learning more about many aspects of the Christian faith. In some cases, certificates are available for completing the lessons.

Below are sites and apps that offer a wide-variety of seminary course audio absolutely free:

Biblical Training - Free Seminary Courses

We have previously written about BiblicalTraining and continue to recommend the website and app to our readers. With over 900 hours of seminary-level education available, there are dozens of excellent courses to choose from. You’ll recognize many of the teachers’ names, such as John Piper, Craig Blomberg, and Bill Mounce.

A sampling of available classes include:

While BiblicalTraining is not a seminary itself, it does pull together terrific educational resources. Additionally, there are certificates available through partner seminaries.

Covenant Theological Seminary - Free Courses

There are over 40 master’s-level classes available through Covenant Theological Seminary, and they also have a great app available which makes learning on your smartphone or tablet very convenient. You will need to create an account to listen to an entire course, but signing up is quick and you can preview two classes from each course without having an account.

Some of the courses are:

Reformed Theological Seminary - Free Courses

The free courses offered through Reformed Theological Seminary are available in two formats: via iTunes U and through the RTS Mobile App for Android and Apple devices. Course credit is only available for enrolled students, but in most cases the audio lectures available for free are the very same courses enrolled students use.

Here are a few courses offered:

  • Systematic Theology
  • Pastoral Counseling
  • History of Christianity

*The above courses are not linked, as they are available on the RTS website. All courses are available in their app and iTunes U.

We encourage you to explore these terrific resources and choose a course you find interesting. You will be able to further develop your understanding of God and His Kingdom without the cost of attending seminary.

Have you used these or similar resources? We want to hear from you! Leave a comment below and tell us about it.

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