Tactics for Defending Your Christian Faith

Watch as Greg Koukl shares several tactics that will put you in the driver’s seat in every spiritual conversation – even if your beliefs are being challenged.

Each of us as a Christian ambassador faces two daunting challenges when trying to make a difference for Christ.

1) How do we initiate conversations about spiritual things in a way that doesn’t seem awkward.

2) How do we keep ourselves from getting trapped or overwhelmed by others more aggressive than we are?

In this seminar you’ll learn specific skills to help you initiate conversations effortlessly; stop challengers in their tracks and turn the tables; and graciously and effectively expose faulty thinking, presenting the truth clearly, cleverly, and persuasively.

Are you tired of finding yourself flat-footed and intimidated in conversations about your faith and values? Do you want to increase your confidence and skill in discussions, no matter whom you’re talking to? Then “Tactics” is for you.

Greg Koukl’s book Tactics is our #1 most recommended apologetics books, and his weekly call-in apologetics show Stand To Reason is on our list of 16 Must-Have Christian Apps.


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