16 Must-Have Christian Apps

These 16 Apps can turn your iPad into a virtual seminary

Here are 16 of the best Bible, theology, sermon, and apologetics apps for Christians to add to their tablets and smartphones.


This is a simple Bible that provides the text of the Old and New Testaments in several versions. It also has several high-quality audio Bibles that you can listen to while traveling, during your work day, or anytime you would like to hear the Word. With a user-friendly interface, you can easily navigate to specific books, chapters, and verses, making this an excellent tool for both deep study and devotional reading. The app is an extension of the ministry Faith Comes by Hearing.

Got Questions?

With this app you have access to thoughtful, Biblical responses to more than 5,000 questions – the entire question and answer database. It is organized by topic, has a built-in search, and you can bookmark articles for quick access. This is a website I visit often, and the app is an even handier resource. In fact, you can use the app even when you’re not connected to the internet.

Blue Letter Bible

In addition to the Biblical text, Blue Letter Bible offers lexicon tools, the ability to view parallel translations, commentaries, dictionaries, and daily reading plans and organizational tools. It contains over 8,000 text commentaries by over 40 different authors, a note taking feature that lets take notes and organize them into notebooks, and a lot more.

OnePassion Ministries (Steven Lawson)

Quickly access a large and growing library of trusted Christian discipleship resources from OnePassion Ministries, the preaching and teaching ministry of Dr. Steven J. Lawson.

This app includes hundreds of resources from over three decades of pastoral ministry from Dr. Steven J. Lawson. All dedicated to developing Christian disciples and training men in the form of biblical expository preaching. I especially recommend the short Steadfast Hope podcast and the weekly Bible study audio and video.

Truth For Life | Android | Apple

Alistair Begg is a tremendously gifted preacher of God’s Word. In addition to access to a library of Pastor Begg’s sermons, this app has daily readings from C.H. Spurgeon’s Morning & Evening devotionals and blog posts from TruthForLife.org. The app also includes a store where you can purchase books and other resources to deepen your understanding of the Bible.

Grace To You

Grace To You is the teaching ministry of Pastor John MacArthur. It would be difficult to find a more thorough teacher of the Bible, and this app gives you access to decades of MacArthur’s sermon audio. The audio and video resources are arranged by recent broadcasts, sermon series archives, and has the ability to search for teaching by books of the Bible. The app also offers an array of study guides and articles, perfect for deepening your Biblical knowledge and enriching your faith.

Ligonier | Android | Apple

Ligonier Ministries is led by R.C. Sproul. A giant of modern day reformed theology, this app contains not only the teaching of Sproul but has years worth of Bible and theology conferences that feature dozens of teachers, pastors, professors, and theologians. You can even ask your biblical and theological questions through Ask Ligonier in addition to doing your own research through the many posts, devotionals, and Tabletalk magazine articles.


Short for Reformation Network, RefNet is an extension of Ligonier Ministries. This is a 24-hour internet radio network that broadcasts the preaching and teaching of those in the reformed faith. RefNet’s daily programming is God-centered, God-honoring, and committed to the historic Christian faith


The Logos Bible Study Mobile App is a must-have. This app is not just a digital Bible; it’s an all-in-one study tool equipped with a comprehensive digital library. Customize reading plans for the Bible or any book within the app’s extensive library. The innovative Reference Scanner lets you photograph a list of Bible verses from any surface, then gives you quick links to read each one, merging the convenience of print and digital study seamlessly.

Stand To Reason | Android | Apple

If you’re a frequent reader of the Reasonable Theology blog you’ve likely come across a recommendation of Greg Koukl’s excellent book, Tactics. Stand To Reason is Koukl’s weekly call-in radio show that gives information and training on explaining and defending the Christian faith with logic and reason. The app also has a ‘Featured Article’ section that highlights trending topics in apologetics.

Ask Pastor John

This podcast features daily interviews with John Piper where he answers tough theological and pastoral questions. New episodes are put out each weekday, and they are typically 10-15 minutes in length. The app also archives old episodes, so you can search for a particular topic and gain insight from Piper’s pastoral and biblical wisdom.

New City Catechism

The New City Catechism app serves as a modern-day resource rooted in ancient wisdom, designed to help users deepen their understanding of Christian principles. Structured as a series of questions and answers, this app offers a dynamic way to engage with foundational theological concepts. Perfect for individuals, families, and study groups, it features multimedia content such as prayers, Bible passages, and explanatory essays to complement each catechism point. With its user-friendly interface, the app facilitates both quick reference and in-depth study, making it a valuable tool for believers seeking a structured approach to spiritual growth.

Biblical Training (BT Mobile)

The Biblical Training app is an innovative, non-profit platform offering comprehensive biblical and theological education from renowned scholars. Its mission is to make high-quality, life-altering training accessible to all, regardless of their spiritual background. With a focus on holistic education, the app aims to nurture not just intellectual understanding (head) but also personal reflection and practical application (heart and hands). Whether you are a Christian leader or a layperson, the app’s wide range of courses, which are both free and web-based, will guide you toward becoming a fully devoted disciple of Jesus. Emphasizing community learning and mentorship, it strives for academic excellence while adhering to a broadly evangelical perspective. Learn more about BiblicalTraining.org

RTS Mobile, Covenant Seminary (Android, Apple

Each of these apps offer a large library of free seminary level courses. You can read more about each of these different resources in our Free Seminary Courses article. Just know that these apps give you convenient access to full courses on Biblical studies, theology, church history, and many other disciplines.

Sermon Audio

Sermon Audio offers a vast library of sermons uploaded and shared from thousands of churches. Keep in mind that the diversity of the Christian faith is represented in the available audio, and that discernment should be used when selecting unknown sermons.

That being said, it is a great help to be able to search for sermons focused on specific verses of scripture, and there are dramatized sermons from classic preachers such as C.H. Spurgeon in abundance. You can also follow your favorite preachers and churches, creating a personalized playlist of sermons.

Amazon Kindle

What is Amazon Kindle doing on a list of Christian apps? Well, there are tons cheap and free ebooks available on the Kindle platform. In addition to various ministries offering free or discounted books every now and then there are some resources that are always available at no cost. You can find classics from D.L Moody, Charles Spurgeon, and A.W. Tozer as well as newer texts from folks like R.C. Sproul.

There are a lot of great apps out there. Recommend Your Favorite in the Comments!

  1. I love the get answers app
    It helps to answer all questions about creation and evolution using Answers in Genesis.org

  2. Biblehub.com has some good commentaries and dictionaries and also some different Bible Versions. I have that and you version Apps on my phone.

  3. Wow. Great list of apps to help strengthen the faithful! Thank you.

    I would like to recommend Tecarta Bible App. I use this most days and love that i can have split screen mode for different translations or commentary. There is also a plethora of quality bible studies and a very useful notes tab which permits you to easily capture highlighted verses.

    Some study Bibles are a bit pricey as an add-on option, but if you’re patient they occasionally pop up on sale. The Vernon mcGee commentary is a particular favourite of mine!

  4. eSword is another source for free Bibles, Commentaries and other resources to help with your Bible Study.

  5. You missed one of the best ones, You Version. Many different Bible translations and hundreds of devotional plans. If I could only have one, this would be it.

  6. Biblegateway and Tecarta Binle. Tecarta bible is amazing. Has study bibles on there you can buy and download. They have several. It is a study bible app..so it has the life application bible and several others..bonus the life application bible photos are in color!. They now have daily verses which pop which match the translation you have open.

  7. I am pastor David A. Caradoc; Wisehouse Chapel local pastor in Ghana.
    I will say your lists of apps is very useful. I have used a couple of them. However I will gladly recommend “Logos Stream” https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.philecom.logosstream
    This app has helped me because it offers a free way to publish my podcasts and at the same time manage my followers including my church members.
    I think it is a must have app for every pastor and leader who want a good and free platform dedicated to Christian content to manage their audience.
    you can also listen to preaching and messages from other pastors and christian leaders.

  8. I highly suggest Solid Joys, an app presenting devotionals written by John Piper, and the Deaf Bible, if you know or are learning American Sign Language, the signing is clear and as from what I can tell, great care has been taken in glossing and translating the text to sign.

  9. Scripture typer is a wonderful app to help you memorize Bible verses and review them on a regular basis. It’s invaluable if you are trying to memorize scripture!!

  10. I would also like to add “A Lamp Unto” It is an awesome new app! It lets you create tailor-made Bible reading plans that fit your life and your schedule. And when life changes around you, you can adjust your reading plan the way you want. Perfect for those who often find themselves discouraged when falling behind on Bible reading plans. Only availabe for Android now, but hopefully coming out to iOS soon! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ben61a.alampunto&hl=en

  11. Check out the NewLife app for your phone. Great tool to help you share your faith, with loads of conversationally written answers to the tough questions we all ask about faith. Free and no wifi needed to use it. Has the full NLT Bible built into it. Available in lots of languages too. http://www.newlifeapp.ca

  12. There’s a new app that just came out called “Mini Bible College” that has tons of really good audio lessons on it. There’s a whole Bible study survey and some special courses on Family and Marriage too, and it also has bible study and small group workbooks you can download for each lesson. I highly recommend it. The app also includes translated lessons for 30 some other languages too, which is pretty cool.

  13. The PrayerMate app has really helped my prayer life. I first heard about it from Challies.com (and a more full description of it can be found there). But the short story is it’s like a virtual index card box for your prayers. It’s take a little effort to get it properly furnished and organized (with your own prayer intentions) but once it’s up and running it’s a breeze to keep fresh, updated and current. How many times have you said to a friend “I’ll pray for you” and then completely forgotten? No more. Does your mind tend to wander during your prayer time? No more. Do you have too many prayer intentions to cover in one session? This app will rotate through them all for you. Great stuff, really. Plus, the developer is currently lobbying Banner of Truth to get the Valley Of Vision prayers to be downloadable to it – if/when that happens it will be a MUST HAVE. But even now I’m finding it highly helpful. Heartily recommended.

  14. How about the In Touch app featuring Charles Stanley’s teachings at <a href ="www.intouch.org/you/in-touch-apps" title="In Touch App Page".

  15. Thanks for the suggestions; I’m always glad to get more resources & inspiration from my iphone. Our radio reception is lacking where we live. I’ve recently downloaded oneplace.com which includes some ministries you have listed here. There are about 300 links included on one place as I understand. Blessings to you!

  16. You really need to have And Bible
    if you have Android. (If you have iOS, there is a version of e-Sword for you.)
    It is free…has dozens of translations for free…dozens of commentaries for free…side-by-side view (two translations, translation and commentary, translation and dictionary)…maps, dictionaries (including Strong’s Hebrew and Greek), all free.
    It is a better app (for free) than things that cost anywhere from a few to hundreds (Olive Tree, I’m looking at you here) of dollars.

  17. Glo is a great App/Program, but their continued lack of an Android version is making me begin to stop using it. They have been promising an Android version for years, but refuse to offer even 1 update on its progress.

    1. I downloaded Glo yesterday on my Android phone. It looks like it’s still in development mode and has very basic functions. But at least it’s a start.

      1. Looks like they may have gone through some updates and changes recently. A couple of others you can try are Olive Tree and Logos (though the free versions are much less feature-packed than the paid versions)

        1. I have just these two, and I update my library whenever I get a few extra dollars. I love biblical resources. Thank you so much. I will add few of those you listed earlier.

  18. New City Catechism is a great app as well. You can switch between a full catechism or a more simple version for kids. It has videos and songs that help the catechism “stick” in your brain.

  19. I can’t believe the Logos Bible app wasn’t included in this list. If you’re interested in highlighting and taking notes, as well as reading commentaries and doing a full exegetical study of a passage, you cannot beat the Logos app!

  20. I love the LifeChurch.tv bible app – it now features a “friends” function to share notes, etc.
    And then I love the MySword Bible (RiverSoft Information System) (Android, perhaps also for Apple?). It also has Greek and Hebrew text with commentaries, dictionaries, books, and best of all Strongs concordance.

    1. Anyone using MySword needs to know that this is an organization that avidly supports the Word of Faith movement. I had no idea about this before I ran across a “Credits” section (Settings > About > About > Credits). Under #6. “Others”. Here you will find a note thanking (for their teaching no less!) some of the most notorious prosperity preachers of our lifetimes. Kenneth Copeland, Crefro Dollar, Joel Osteen, Fred Price, and others. The basic app is free but they advertise the “Premium” material for a “donation.” The donation is a very specific amount and the premium material is all public domain. Their are too many great Bible apps out there (and yes, Logos is fantastic) to be supporting error and false teachers. When I kindly asked them about their theological positions they got real nasty. If you are a genuine believer, lover of the Word and lover of Christ, I would admonish you to seek other alternatives to this organizations offerings. We are commanded to “..contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all handed down to the Saints” Jude 1:3

  21. Olive Tree (my employer) and Logos Bible Software also make some great mobile apps that are perfect for study.

    1. Thanks LaRosa – Logos is a great tool. I wasn’t familiar with Olive Tree; I’ll have to check it out!

    2. Larosa,

      I like the paper feel of Olive Tree and it’s awesome that you guys are supporting Apple watch! Did you know Faithlife (Logos Bible Software) just released a Christian News app for iOS? Here’s the skinny on it:

      “The Faithlife News App helps people track the latest and trending Christian headlines from over 30 different websites. Every fifteen minutes new stories are published from dozens of sites like Christianity Today, The Gospel Herald, The Christian Post, World Magazine and many more.”

      Here’s more info about Faithlife News: https://news.faithlife.com

      You can download the app here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/christian-news/id1024785034?mt=8

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