10 Years of Cold Case Christianity with J Warner Wallace

A Detective’s Journey from Skepticism to Faith

Can the techniques used to solve homicides be the same tools to establish the case for Christianity?

J. Warner Wallace was a seasoned homicide detective and a devout atheist. But everything changed when he turned his investigator’s eye towards the claims of Christianity, applying ten common rules of evidence that he’d used to solve crimes throughout his career.

The result? A transformation from skepticism to faith, and a bestselling book, “Cold-Case Christianity,” which has just released an updated and expanded 10th anniversary edition.

In this latest conversation with Detective Wallace we talk about how he used his skill set as a detective to evaluate the claims of Christianity.

  • We’ll also learn about how we can employ the rules of evidence when evaluating the reliability of the Gospels.
  • We’ll learn the important difference between direct and indirect evidence and how this impacts how we try to present the truthfulness of the Christian faith.
  • We’ll also hear his advice for those who are earnestly seeking to understand whether or not the claims of Christ are true.

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Purchase Cold Case Christianity

Homicide detective J. Warner Wallace applies ten common rules of evidence to make the case for Christianity in this completely updated and expanded edition of the apologetic classic that has changed lives around the world.

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Clay Kraby: I’m joined once again by J Warner Wallace. He’s an award-winning detective; He’s been featured on Dateline more than any other homicide detective. He’s a popular national speaker, a, host, he’s a writer, including books like Person of Interest, Forensic Faith, God’s, Crime Scene, and Cold Case Christianity, which is just being rereleased in a 10th anniversary edition. He’s an adjunct professor of apologetics at Biola University, a senior fellow at Colson Center for Christian Worldview, a faculty member at Summit Ministries, and he and his wife live in Southern California. And maybe of the greatest accolades: You are now a three-time guest on the Reasonable Theology podcast. I’ll see about getting a certificate printed up for your wall back there.

J Warner Wallace: Yeah, please do. I’ll put it right behind me now. Am I the only one who’s been on three times?

Clay Kraby: You are the only three-time guest. You were tied with Sean McDowell as a repeat with a couple of others, and now you’ve taken the lead. So if you need to text him after this and rub it in his face, you go right ahead.

J Warner Wallace: I will. And by the way, they can’t take that away from me because I’ll still be the first.

The 10th Anniversary of Cold Cast Christianity

Clay Kraby: You’ll still be the first one. So that’s good. Well, congratulations on the 10th anniversary edition of Cold Case Christianity. My son just turned twelve, and that makes me feel old. Is it similar for an author when the publisher lets you know you’re coming up on ten years? Was that a bit of ‘where did the time go’ kind of thing?

J Warner Wallace: Yeah, it is. And honestly, I didn’t think we would probably ever have a need to or want to rerelease it. Why would you try to fix it? Right. But I was talking to my friend Greg Kochel, who just redid tactics a couple of years ago, and I thought, that’s a great book. And I thought, well, what was awesome about it is you get to go back. You think, well, if you knew what you knew now, would you have written it a little bit differently? Yeah. And so that gives me a chance to go back and write it the way I really wanted to write it and illustrate it the way I really wanted to illustrate it. But, yeah, you do feel, like, old, especially when you write your first book in your 50s. You already are old before you start. So now it just feels like I’m older.

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