Jesus Christ: Person of Interest | Ep. 45

After more than 2000 years, Jesus Christ remains the most influential figure in all of human history – even by secular standards!

Examining the impact that the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus has had on the world is helpful in establishing the reliability of the events recorded in the Bible. In fact, you can confirm the historicity and deity of Jesus from history alone, without relying on the New Testament manuscripts.

Join former detective J. Warner Wallace and I as we discuss the incredible impact of and the undeniable evidence for the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

On This Episode We’ll Discuss:

  • How J. Warner Wallace went from homicide detective to Christian apologist
  • What the phrase “person of interest” means in police work and in relation to Jesus
  • How a “no body” investigation mirrors the investigation into the resurrection of Jesus
  • Why Wallace’s “fuse and fallout” approach helps validate the claims of the Gospels
  • The importance of historical records outside the Bible
  • Why every believer should be familiar with common objections to Christianity

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About Our Guest

J Warner WallaceJ. Warner Wallace is a Dateline-featured homicide detective, popular national speaker, and best-selling author. Relying on over two decades of investigative experience, Wallace provides the tools needed to investigate the claims of Christianity and make a convincing case for the truth of the Christian worldview. His latest book is Person of Interest: Why Jesus Still Matters in a World that Rejects the Bible.

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