Praying and Memorizing the Psalms | Podcast #13

The Psalms have been referred to as the prayer book of the Bible. The New Testament is saturated with the Psalms, and they were constantly on the lips of our Savior.

Clearly, this book ought to feature largely in our devotional lives. But how can Christians make use of the Psalms beyond reading them?

On this episode, our guest Benjamin Kandt discusses his love for the Psalms, the benefits of memorization, and how we can use the Psalms to enliven our prayer lives.

On This episode We’ll Learn:

  • The importance of the Psalms in Scripture and in the Christian life
  • How our guest learned to love the Psalms
  • Helpful tips for memorizing the Psalms from someone with a goal to memorize all 150
  • Ways to use Psalms to enrich and enliven your prayer life

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About Our Guest

Benjamin Kandt ministers at NewCity Church in downtown Orlando and works as a psychotherapist at Pinnacle Counseling Institute in Winter Park, Florida. He is compelled by a vision to see people formed for “double love” of God and neighbor and has a deep affection for the Psalms. He writes at

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