Reset Your Bible Reading Habits | Ep. 80

Struggling with Bible reading? On this episode we discuss some simple ways that you can reset your Bible reading habits.

Christians have more access to Scripture than ever before. At the same time, study after study reveals that our time actually reading the Bible is declining. If we’re honest, most of us have experienced difficulty with getting into the Word and really engaging with the text.

Why is this the case, and how can we overcome our tendency to leave our Bibles unread?

On this episode of the podcast I speak with Alex Goodwin, co-founder of the Institute for Bible Reading and the author of The Bible Reset: Simple Breakthroughs to Make Scripture Come Alive.

In this conversation Alex and I discuss:

  • How some of the modern formatting in our Bibles creates friction that slows down our reading
  • The benefits of reading large sections (or even entire books) of the Bible in one sitting
  • Why we should read Scripture in community with other believers
  • How understanding what he calls the ‘six act drama’ of Scripture can help us connect the Bible’s central themes and get more out of our study.

Listen to or watch the full conversation below and find some ways that you can reset your Bible reading habits.

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Meet Our Guest

Alex Goodwin got his Marketing degree from Virginia Tech in 2012 and promptly moved west to Colorado. Alex helped co-found the Institute for Bible Reading in 2016 and served as Senior Director, Marketing Communications before he was appointed Executive Director in 2021. He currently lives with his wife and two children in Colorado Springs, CO.

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Additional Resources

Pick up a copy of The Bible Reset

A Fresh Approach to Bible Engagement
Take your Bible reading from frustrating to fulfilling and connect with Scripture like you’ve always hoped.

Read the Transcript

Clay Kraby: Alex, thanks so much for joining me. Welcome to the podcast.

Alex Goodwin: Thanks so much for having me.

Clay Kraby: You bet. Now, can you share a little bit about yourself and your family and what your ministry looks like?

Alex Goodwin: Yeah, sure. So, I grew up on the East Coast, just outside of Washington DC. Went to a great little church in Northern Virginia. I’ve been a Christian for most of my life. I went to college at Virginia Tech down in the Southwest Virginia area, in the Blue Ridge Mountains down there. I studied marketing. And that was really where I started kind of taking my faith a little bit more seriously. And so, after college, I moved west to Colorado, Colorado Springs, and wanted to try to blend business education with ministry. And lo and behold, there are plenty of options here in Colorado Springs for doing that. It’s kind of a hotspot of Christian ministry. I got involved with Bible ministry here, which has its own interesting backstory, but I have been involved with that for a number of years and am living here with my wife and two kids and, actually, one more on the way in January.

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